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emu chick under his dad



Our emu are kept in the most natural way possible, a roomy field (not penned), with trees for shade and food and the lush Dorset countryside for forage. Their main diet is ratite pellets and they get natural spring water.


We offer emu eggs for hatching, eating and blowing, or blown. Chicks are hatched to orders taken in advance of breeding season.
Occasionally I may have adult emu or juveniles for sale.


If I can help with any questions regarding the care and keeping of emu, or anything related to this website, please get in contact

An emu photo taken from the side


I'm an experienced keeper and have 15 emu in 2 and a half acres of natural pasture with trees and forage and things of interest for the emu in the heart of West Dorset, close to the borders of South Somerset and East Devon. My emu are much loved and valued members of our family.
I also run which is a great resource of information for emu, please have a read of the care sections before considering taking emu on as pets or farm animals. You may also find me as one of the admins on the Facebook groups, Emu Owners UK and Emu Keepers and Breeders Community. I am also the ratite advisor for National Exotics Animal Rescue. I have worked with Silverback Films hatching emu for the emu scenes in Life On Our Planet. I have also been featured in Country Smallholder Magazine
You are welcome to come and visit my emu by appointment and you are also welcome to contact me with any questions you may have regarding emu. I offer before and after sales care for as long as you need and always welcome questions about emu keeping and care, whether you decide to purchase emu or eggs from me or not, the welfare of emu is my top priority and if I can find you a breeder nearer to your location using my contacts I will do. I also take on rescue emu when space allows, in the last couple of years we have taken in 11 emu, and several more have found loving homes via my contacts.
Starting around Christmas and usually into March I shall have emu eggs for sale. You can preorder here, each year I open a waiting list and eggs go out in order. My emus produce around 100 eggs a year. Chicks are hatched to order only to ensure that they have homes waiting to go to.

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